Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Find the Best Seamless Weather and Gutter Protection System

Taken from NWI Times.

Did you know The Ladder Safety Institute claims that 160,000 people are injured from non-occupational falls off ladders yearly, and a US Government Product Safety Commission study found that ladder falls accounted for over 59% of fall fatalities in the 65-74 age group?

Indeed, we all know of someone who is bound and determined to take on home repair issues on their own. Yet, when it means being several feet high up in the air, it just might be time to leave it to the professionals…especially when it comes to maintaining clean gutters!

Let’s take a short look at what gutters are meant to accomplish. The primary purpose of a gutter system is to protect the home by collecting water off the roof during a rainstorm. Without a gutter system, the home is susceptible to additional water entering the home…especially at the foundation. The gutter moves the collected water through downspouts, out and away from the home through extensions or underground piping.

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